PRATIC CNC Machine in Aerospace Industry

TIME: 2018-05-10        CLICK RATE: 51

Because of the special structure that is long and thin shape, processing aerospace aluminum has a lot of difficulties as follow:a amount of complex strips, a large material need removal, the thin-wall of the product is variability, the low efficiency and high cost in traditional production. Therefore, how to achieve the high efficiency is a common problem for aerospace manufacturers.

Airspace aluminum sample


The aviation aluminum strip is hard to processing by small VMC. And the gantry machine is extremely inconvenient, clamping work piece is not easy and processing efficiency is low, also the equipment cost is too high. Many aerospace manufacturing industries have looked for various famous CNC machine manufacturers, hope they can help to solve this problem, PRATIC is specialize in research and develop the customized machine for aviation aluminum processing with all processing functions together. These international brands think the cost of R&D is too high, the develop cycle is ery long, and the technology is too difficult to accept the project.


PRATIC CNC machining center is suit for deep processing for kinds of aluminum, and combined with the advantage of the vertical column to creative a new type of long travel VMC. It’s not only with the low cost, easy to operate and handle, convenient to preventive, also with the wide range of application.