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Win the first battle when entering into the Europe

Time: 2017-09-24 Source : PRATIC CNC

From September, 18 to 23, 2017, the biggest tool exhibition – EMO was held in Hanover, German, and Pratic attended the exhibition with PYB-CNC6500S

During the exhibition, the equipment displayed by Pratic was accepted and highly praised by European traveling traders, and on the first day of the exhibition, several merchants expressed their intention to purchase Pratic equipment, and the client from Poland ordered the equipment displayed in the exhibition with cash.

In the exhibition, Pratic products were favored by merchants from different European countries and reached the cooperation intention, including German, Britain, Italy, Spain, Poland, Israel, Netherlands and France.

With rapid development of Chinese economy, the “One Belt One Road” policy proposed by China connects the whole European and Asian continent to have joint development and bring the eastern civilization to the whole world. As the second economic entity, under the condition of economic recession in the world, China drove the global development, and Chinese technology was also transported around the world through “One Belt and One Road” so as to stimulate economic recovery. Moreover, Pratic would also make great efforts to be a sectional material processing center which can meet demands of the whole world.

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