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Brief Classification and Application of Tools for Machining Centers

Time: 2020-06-17 Source : PRATIC CNC

With the development of China's manufacturing industry, the development of CNC machine tools has become the key point of the machinery manufacturing industry. CNC machining center is widely used in aviation, automobiles, electrical appliances, medical equipment, furniture, hardware and other industries. In the processing of parts from the blank (profile) to the completion of processing, the most important factor affecting the completion of the product are roughly machine tools, tools, materials. The following is to focus on the tool to analyze its factors.

Tools can be roughly divided into: high speed steel tool, hard alloy tool, cermet tool, ceramic tool,PCBN tool and so on. Different tools are used to process different materials. For example, high-speed steel tools are suitable for processing plastics, aluminum and other soft materials. Carbide tools are suitable for processing non-ferrous metals (steel, cast iron, copper) and other tools. Just take high-speed steel tool as an example, it is used to describe the processing characteristics. The aluminum tool is also a kind of high-speed steel tool. The aluminum knife is also divided into single-blade, two-blade and multi-blade. Different processing conditions use different edge numbers. The single-edged tool is suitable for thin-wall machining. It has good damping and fast cutting. The thin-walled parts are characterized by knives during machining. The knives will cause broken and overcut parts, so single-blade machining is greatly prevented. This type of problem occurs. However, the single-edged knife processing is not high in the processing wall. Therefore, the types of machined parts are curtain wall, door and window, thin-walled profiles, etc. The two-edged tool is suitable for processing parts that require a certain degree of finish to meet certain cutting requirements. Moreover, the parts with relatively small vibrations are relatively thin in processing thickness, and the processing types include handles, furniture, and kitchen profiles. Compared with other knives, the multi-blade milling cutter is small in the cutting groove, so it is not suitable for heavy cutting. It is suitable for finishing. The smoothness of the multi-blade milling cutter is very high. After processing, it can be polished without other polishing. The tools are suitable for machining high-precision parts such as aerospace, rails, equipment parts, etc. The above is a description of aluminum tools.

As can be seen from the above, the tool materials have similar properties (such as high hardness, high strength and wear resistance), but also have their own characteristics, and these differences determine what we should choose in the cutting process. When selecting the tool material, we should consider the various factors such as the workpiece material, processing conditions, and workpiece processing quality, and select the appropriate tool material, so that the processing requirements can be well completed.

PRATIC’s CNC machining centers are retrofitted with automatic tool change system, the tool magazine can be disc type, arm type, hat type, umbrella type and so on, with tool holding capacity of 8pcs, 12pcs, 16pcs, 24pcs and so on...  In a word, PRATIC’s CNC machine centers can completely satisfy your need of installing various types and quantities of tools.

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