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4 Axis CNC Machining Center - PRATIC PYA4D Series

Time: 2020-09-19 Source : PRATIC CNC

Wanna machine the CURVED metal workpieces and profiles EFFICIENTLY, ECONOMICALLY AND PRECISELY? Yes, PRATIC 4 Axis CNC Machining Center PYA4D Series can solve it!

It is retrofitted with 4 AXIS SWING HEAD (B axis swing angle ±45°) which realizes multiple-angle machining.

With the functions of milling, drilling, tapping; Using the international CNC controller system; Machining for various lengths of metal profiles, such as aluminum, steel, copper and etc; With BT30 spindle. The auto chip conveyor is a standard configuration, which make it easier to clean the chips;

Widely used in processing curved profiles and components, such as the vehicle bumper, vehicle luggage rack, sunroof guide rail and other workpieces in curved shape!

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