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PRATIC Machine Bed, Machine Head and Column Processing

Time: 2021-01-23 Source : PRATIC CNC

In order to control quality from the very initial stage, PRATIC is making almost all the important structual parts for its own brand of cnc machining centers, such as the machine beds, machine heads and machine columns.

About PRATICs Long Machine Beds: there is no doubt that the long bed is the most important structural part which accounts for a large proportio on weight of the whole machine and which decides the stability and accuracy during machining process. PRAITC attaches much importance on making its machine beds and PRATIC uses heavy duty gantry machining center to make its long machine beds. For recent time PRATIC bought a super heavy duty machining center from SNK in Japan to produce its machine beds in high precision and high efficiency.

About Machine Heads and Machine Columns: they are also very important structural parts. The machine head holds the spindle and the machine column moves on the machine bed back and forth. Both of them have much relation with the machining accuracy. PRATIC uses high precision heavy duty gantry machining center and heavy duty horizontal machining center to produce them to ensure all machine heads and columns are made as per the strictest standards and quality requirements.

Polishing & Painting of Machine Beds, Heads and Columns: after the machine beds, heads and columns are processed by heavy duty machining centers, PRATIC polishes and paints them in polishing & painting workshops. PRATIC’s polishing & painting people work carefully in this procedure and ensure there are perfect finishes on all machine beds, heads and columns before they are sent to assembly workshops.

Also PRAITC makes other smaller parts such as the slide plates and sheet metal parts for its own cnc machining centers, and PRATIC is one of the rare manufactures who make almost all parts in house for their own brands of cnc machining centers. PRATIC owns an entire ecological production chain to ensure each process can be completed with good quality and on time!

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