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PRATIC Held Annual General Meetings and PRATIC People Will Work in China Spring Festival

Time: 2021-02-03 Source : PRATIC CNC

On Jan. 29, PRATIC held the annual sales meeting among all PRATIC sales and marketing people. The sales performance of 2020 is encouraging and has a thirty percent growth based on the sales performance of 2019! Mr. Yin Zhengbin, the director of sales & marketing center, gave a good summarization of 2020 sales performance and planned the sales goal and marketing work of 2021. Mr. Li Aijun, the general manager of PRATIC, encouraged PRATIC sales people to work harder to gain a more prosperous performance in 2021! Also the annual quality & technical meeting was held among related departments and the qualty and technical work plan for 2021 was established.

On Jan. 30, PRATIC held annual general summarization and commendation meeting among all related departments. The directors of every department summarized the work of 2020 and planned the work of 2021. The sales & marketing center, the finanical department and a team from production department were awarded as the annual outstanding teams of 2020. Ten employees from different departments were awarded as the excellent staff of 2020. Also on this meeting PRATIC renewed the corporate culture. Our Vision: Be a world-renowned intelligent equipment enterprise. Our Mission: Creat value for customers and realize value for contributors. Our Core Values: Customer centric, contributor-oriented, dare to take responsibility, dare to challenges.

PRATIC people will work in China Spring Festival. The Chinese New Year(China Spring Festival, the biggest and most important festival in China) will come within 10 days, and PRATIC actively responds to the government’s COVID-19 epidemic prevention call of “Staying at Working Places and Trying Best to Avoid Travel”. PRATIC calls on PRATIC people to stay at working positions during the festival and PRATIC will offer good accommodation, entertainment and award to employees. PRATIC people are very willing to follow the calls of government and company, and they will stay in their working positions so PRAITC will open and function as usual during China Spring Festival. For now the whole company is running at full capacity to meet the needs of our customers.

Therefore, we are here at your service at any time, and we believe in this year of 2021, PRATIC people will achieve more goals and gain bigger successes through hard working and serving our customers heart and soul !

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