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PRATIC Reopened after Chinese New Year Holiday and PRATIC Renewed Corporate Culture

Time: 2021-02-18 Source : PRATIC CNC

In the morning of Feb. 17, PRATIC CNC is reopening after China Spring Festival!

In the sound of  firecrackers, PRATIC people are starting to work and serving customers heart and soul again!

In this year of 2021, we renewed our corporate culture as follows:

Our Vision: Be a world-renowned intelligent equipment enterprise.

Our Mission: Create value for customers and realize value for contributors.

Our Core Values: Customer centric, contributor-oriented, dare to take responsibility, dare to challenges.

The year of 2021 is Year of the Ox in China, and PRATIC people will surely work harder and run faster to reach the goal of 2021 !

Think machine tools, think PRATIC

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