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Great Invention of Double Working-zone 4/5 Axis Horizontal Machine

Time: 2021-07-28 Source : PRATIC CNC

On June 25th, PRATIC new invention-- “5 axis horizontal profile machining center” won the 22nd China Patent Excellence Award issued by the State Intellectual Property Office.

The horizontal machining center adopt headstock fixed-distance structure. The spindle is fixed on the column and moves up and down along the column (Y axis), the saddle moves toward X axis, the column located above the saddle moves toward Z axis.

Advantage as follows:

1. One machining center can replace the traditional production line composed of multiple machine, save floor area and improve production capacity

2. Clamp two workpieces at a time to complete 6 side processing, reduce clamping times, improve collaborative accuracy and reduce positioning error

With B axis horizontal turntable, it rotates around the Y axis, realize 3 + 1 or 4 axis linkage processing

With C-axis vertical turntable, it can realize 3 + 2 or 5 axis linkage processing

3. One side clamping and one side processing, it is easy to realize loading and unloading without stopping the machine, improve the production efficiency


Cooperate with the water outlet of the spindle perfectly solve the chip removal problem of the vertical machining center, reduce the chip accumulation of the fixture and product clamping injury

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