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Your Reliable New Energy Vehicles Battery Tray Turnkey Solutions

Time: 2021-08-03 Source : PRATIC CNC

In recent years, the global new energy vehicle industry has developed rapidly, more and more people take new energy vehicles as their first choice. In 2020, about 3.24 million new energy vehicles were sold all over the world.

At present, the most concerned problem of new energy vehicles is endurance. The aluminum alloy density is 2.7 g/cm³, only 1/3 of steel, can effectively reduce the weight of the car body, improve the endurance of new energy vehicles, and better improve the ride comfort on the premise of ensuring safety. The great performance of aluminum determines that it is the primary choice for automotive lightweight applications.

The battery tray mainly adopts 6-series aluminum profiles. 6-series aluminum alloy has good plasticity and excellent corrosion resistance, especially no stress corrosion cracking tendency and good welding performance. Therefore, 6-series aluminum alloy profiles are especially suitable for the application of battery aluminum tray.

To meet the market demand, PRATIC launched an new energy vehicles battery tray automatic production line. The production line is divided into 7 parts and adopts international advanced welding friction stir technologies, realize the integrated molding of products, high efficiency, high speed and high precision.

CNC Vertical Saw Cutting Machine of Rod Parts

Implement any angle saw cutting and complexincision cutting for rod parts.

High-speed spindle motor, automatic tool feeding- High precision seryo motors, inear guideway and bearings

CNC Rod Parts Machining Center

Use CNC machining center for rod parts processing after saw cutting, make special pneumatic fixtures for various rod parts.

Fixture is equipped with 4-axis rotating indexing plate, SMC/FESTO professional pneumatic actuators(cylinders).

Programmed by professional software engineers and controlled by top-notch CNC processing system(Funac/Siemens).

It can be processed at one time to meet the high-precision requirerents(milling, drilling, tapping) of all working surfaces of the workpiece.

CNC Plate Parts Machining Center

Gantry CNC machining center is used for processing individual bottom plates of the battery tray.

This type of gantry machining center is great for big plate machining because its wide range worktable, does not requires complex machining procedures, with simple loading and unloading process, high processing efficiency, also it is combined with vacuum suction clamping mode.

Robot Welder

After the rod parts are processed by CNC machining center, the robot welder is used for welding.

We use world famous professional aluminium welding machine and robot, making professional fixtures for welding the rod parts, retrofitted with 4-axis indexing table, casting fixture rotating bridge plate and pneumatic actuator(cylinder), it doesn't require a secondary clamping, and welding in all positions can be completed by one setting-up.

Friction Welding Equipment

After the plates and rods are processed, it clamped with professional special fixture and welded with friction welding machine,

Equipped with high-torque spindle, high-rigidity machine body, high-strength stirrer head, and can expand constant pressure control, laser welding seam tracking and starting point automatic tool alignment in welding.

General Assembly CNC Machining Center

After friction welding, the total welding workpieces processed by a large gantry CNC machining center.

High difficulty, high precision, high speed and multi-workpiece processing at one time.

Equipped with special processing fixtures, high-precision parts, SMC/FESTO and other professional pneumatic actuators(cylinders), reliable software engineers programming, with top-notch CNC processing system (Fanuc/ Siemens) control.

Customer Production Line Example

Processing Example

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