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Aluminum Furniture--New Trend of Home Decoration

Time: 2021-08-18 Source : PRATIC CNC

In modern home decoration, aluminum furniture provides consumers with new choices of green, environmental protection and health with its advantages of formaldehyde free, waterproof and moisture-proof, fire retardant and recycling, which is pursued by more and more people.

Aluminum furniture is not only environmentally friendly, but also has good texture in appearance. It can create imitation wood grain patterns with realistic effect, convenient installation and disassembly. At the same time, the use life of aluminum furniture is longer than that of traditional decoration materials, which can be used for 50 years.

Aluminum furniture display: Wine cabinet/ Cupboard/ Wardrobe/ Sliding door

PRATIC CNC machining center integrated with function of milling, drilling, tapping, machining for various length of aluminum, steel, copper or other non-metal profiles, which is widely used in the profiles processing of ecological doors, invisible hinges, casement doors, minimalist glass doors and handles.

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