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PRATIC Held A Safety Production Knowledge Competition

Time: 2021-08-31 Source : PRATIC CNC

In order to improve the safety production awareness of all employees, and create an atmosphere of "I want to be safe, I will be safe, I can be safe", PRATIC held a safety production knowledge competition on August 28. A total of 50 employees from ten teams participated in the competition.

The topic mainly focuses on safety production laws and regulations, relevant industry standards, combined with the company's production content. The competition set up mandatory questions, rush questions and audience questions. The on-site answer atmosphere was warm, which showed that everyone had a good grasp of the relevant knowledge of safety production.

After fierce competition, the first, second and third prizes and excellence awards were selected. PRATIC hopes to arouse all employees interest in learning safety production knowledge through this activity and abide by production safety operation procedures in daily production.

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